Lead roofing in Sheffield.


Lead roofing in Sheffield

If you are looking for some form of lead roofing in Sheffield then TNT can deliver. A bay window can come in many shapes and sizes, quite often though the covering is either lead or felt. Typically when it starts to leak the first sign is water dripping onto the window sill or water running down the internal window.

The most common cause, especially in old terraced houses, is fatigue cracks. As the applied lead roofing gets hot and cold it expands and contracts, this is quite normal and allowances would have been made when the roof was initially laid to cater for this.

Most leaking lead bays however are original to the house being built, meaning they can be 50 to 100 years old. That’s a lot of expansion and contraction.

A fatigue crack is basically a split in the lead roofing caused by the above process. Once the crack is present and sufficiently large, it doesn’t take long for the water to find its way in.

Lead valleys repaired and replaced

We fix all aspects of lead valleys – complete replacement, partial, and repairs.

Whether tiles or slates we use reliable, traditional techniques. That way you get a quality long-lasting repair that we Guarantee.

Some roofers repair with bitumen or silicone/mastic. This will only give a very short term fix and quite often leaves the roof in a much worse condition, thus making it more expensive to repair properly after it starts leaking again.

Sometimes just part of a lead valley needs replacing. If there is a split or hole in the lead we can remove the damaged area and insert a small section of lead from a minimum of 6” upwards. This gives a saving of time, materials and cost.

If, as sometimes happens, the lead has worn thinner on the bottom half or bottom third but the top remains in good condition, then just the worn part can be replaced.


Lead Alternatives

There are many viable lead substitutes available in situations where lead is not practical. With the high scrap value of lead, theft has become more of a problem and if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your lead stolen, you may be interested in the following solutions.

We can use a high quality non lead substitute called Ubiflex, Which comes with a 30 year life expectancy.

It’s just like lead – simple, practical and permanent.