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The main concern when roofing in Hope Valley and surrounding areas, is the that most of the properties are conservation buildings.

Conservation is the process of maintaining and managing change to a heritage asset in a way that sustains and where appropriate enhances its significance.

Some legislative requirements refer to ‘preservation’.
The courts consider that this is to be interpreted as ‘preserve from harm’ – that is harm to its significance, not simply its fabric.


Conservation (or preservation, when given its proper meaning) of the most sensitive and important buildings or sites may come close to absolute physical preservation, but those instances will be very rare.

The vast majority of our heritage assets are capable of being adapted or worked around to some extent without a loss of their significance.

Indeed change is often vital to facilitate the optimum viable use of an asset so that it continues to receive investment.

This is something we at TNT Roofing Specialist’s are very familiar with and are more than happy to advise you on.


Domestic & Commercial

No matter if it’s your home or a factory roof that requires a bit of roofing work,

we can cater for anything you need. Our past projects include bungalows, semi-detached houses, old Victorian detached houses, terraced houses, warehouses, outbuildings and much more. Our skilled and experienced team always clean up after themselves once the job is completed, and we will do our very best to not to disturb any neighbours. So when you need to hire a company to complete roofing in Hope Valley, TNT Roofing Specialist is the company for you.All our roofers are NVQ level 2 qualified and registered Firestone rubber and GRP fiberglass installers.Call us today for a

free homeowners quote for any of your needs for roofing in Hope Valley.

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